Holiday homes on Zealand, Denmark
Enjoy both the countryside and a day trip to Copenhagen

Holiday homes on Zealand

Book a private holiday home on Zealand. You can find a wide selection of private holiday rentals on Zealand, especialy in Northzealand along the the Kattegat.

The many beaches, the many beautiful landscapes, often with a sea view, the castles of the old kings and queens and the close nearness to the sea make Zealand and Nortzealand attractive to a good holiday.

Visite also Kronborg Castle in Helsingør overlooking The Oresound - take a ferry to Helsingborg in Sweden.

There are many small towns and villages with a private holiday rentals and vacation homes on Zealand. Look for instance after holiday homes in Copenhagen, Ålsgårde, Helsingør, Humlebæk, Hornbæk, Dronningmølle, Rågeleje, Tisvildeleje, Vejby Strand, Udsholt, Holløse, Gilleleje Munkerup, Sejerø, Hundested, Asserbo, Liseleje, Jægerspris, Kulhuse, Roskilde Fjord, Kongsmark Strand, Karrebæksminde, Røsnæs, Nykøbing, Høve Strand, Højby Lyng, Gudmindrup, Tengslemark Lyng, Rørvig, Sejerøbugt, Farum, Jystrup and at the Sejerø Bay.

The best known villages with holiday homes are situated directly to the water of the Kattegat and in North Zealand just 50 km from Copenhagen with the world famous Tivoli. The bathing beaches are beautiful, the water is pure and there are many activities for adults and children.

You can, on the basis of the wanted equipment in the holiday home, search from the upper right side of this page.

You may perhaps find a lovely private holiday home on Zealand in the last minute ads in the top line. There are often good deals for lovely holiday homes.


Holiday homes auf Funen, Langeland und Ærø

Holiday homes on Funen, Langeland and Ærø

The many beaches, the beautiful landscapes, often with a sea view, and the nearness to the sea make these attractive islands perfect for a nice holiday.

Visite Odense with H.C.Andersen's house.

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Holiday homes on Bornholm

Holiday homes on Bornholm

Bornholm is a very special and beautiful rock island with lots of canyons and surrounded by steep and rocky coasts of the Baltic Sea.

Bornholm has many small towns, all of them have a cosy, busy harbour, restaurants and good shopping.

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Holiday homes on Lolland, Falster and Møn

Holiday homes on Lolland, Falster and Møn

Marielyst on Falster is located at the Baltic Sea and has a wonderful beach. The bathing water is very clean and there are many activities for adults and children.

Møn has Møns Klint - a great chalk cliff with fossils at the sea.

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