Holiday homes in Northjutland and Thy, Denmark
The region with The North Sea in the west and Kattegat in the east

Holiday homes Northjutland

Book a private holiday home in Northjutland. You can find a wide selection of private holiday rentals in Northjutland and Thy, the region with the broad white beaches along the North Sea in the west and Kattegat on the eastcoast.

North Jutland and Thy are among the most popular holiday destinations in Denmark. People love the wonderful beaches, the many attractions and sightseeings and the beautiful landscapes.

North Jutland is known for its beautiful, wide beach along the North Sea and Skagerrak, the wonderful sightseeings and quaint towns and seaside village. The most famous town is Skagen but also Tversted, Lokken and Blokhus are loved by many tourists because of their charm and the many holiday homes to rent.

There are many attractions with Fårup Summerland and the The North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals as the best known.

The largest fishing towns are Hanstholm and Hirtshals with very lifeful and interesting harbours.

There are many towns and villages with private holiday homes and holiday rentals for rent in North Jutland including Klitmøller, Nørre Vorupør, Agger, Krik, Lyngså, Sæby, Hals, Hou, Koldkær, Rodhus Strand, Grønhøj, Løkken, Blokhus, Saltum Strand, Slettestrand, Lønstrup, Skallerup Klit, Tornby Strand, Hirtshals, Tversted, Læsø, Bratten, Ålbæk - Skagen, Skagen, Kandestederne, Nr. Lyngby and Hanstholm.

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You may perhaps find a lovely private holiday home in Northjutland and Thy in the the last minute ads for Northjutland in the top line. There are often good deals for lovely holiday homes, like luxury holiday home with swimming pool or a lovely holiday rental with jacuzzi or sauna, perhaps with sea view.


Holiday homes in Westjutland

Holiday homes at the Northsea in Westjütland

Holiday in Westjutland is wonderful. Here you will find beautiful holiday homes close to the beach. Some rentals have sea views or are located in charming villages - many have a swimming pool.

That's holiday for the whole family!

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Holiday homes in Ostjütland

Holiday homes in Eastjutland and on Djursland

In Eastjutland you may find beautiful holiday homes and childfriendly beaches. Many holiday rentals have sea view and are close to interesting sightseeings.

Visite to cosy market towns.

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Holiday homes southjutland mit Alsen und Römö

Holiday homes in Southjutland, Als and Rømø

In Southjutland you will find wonderful beaches along the coast and the fjords and on the island Als. Flensburg Fjord unites the beauty of nature and the special history.

Island Rømø has the broadest beaches in Denmark.

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